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-->> ooc: CRITIQUE

This is the critique page for Kallen Stadtfelt on Evergrove University.

All comments will be screened to ensure privacy for both parties involved.

-->> twenty-two.

I always find that when it comes to political seasons, people grow less and less interested in the news. Come November, I'm going to be quite curious to see who becomes the president of the United States. Additionally, it's quite interesting that Japan is also looking to possibly have its first female leader in Yuriko Koike. It's so interesting to see how far women are starting to come in the world of politics.

I think it's about time I have the newspaper delivered here on a more regular basis. I've missed out on far too much since being here.

-->> twenty-one.

Thank you, Kanda, for the other evening. It was fun spending time with you.

I feel so sleepy lately, I don't know what's wrong with me. I was so fatigued I actually had to cancel my plans with my step-mother. I just was compelled to sleep through most of today; I couldn't even bring myself to awaken for classes.

Additionally, I still have not met my roommate. Perhaps she's living elsewhere?

-->> twenty.

I like this down time before classes really pick up. It allows me to be more productive with others and social settings--or at least, body willing.

Kanda, would you like me to bring you more soba? Or something else next time?

And Lelouch, I hope to see more of you soon. It's been too long.

-->> filtered to LelouchCollapse )

-->> nineteen.

Although I'm unsure about this FYE thing, I'm at least glad that Kanda is my mentor. As far as the other two individuals in the group go, it will be a pleasure to meet you soon enough, I'm sure.

I think I am ready for classes to begin again. Going home and to the doctors again was just too much in such short of time.

-->> eighteen.

It seems my father's business is thriving in Indonesia and other parts of southern Asia now. As to be expected, I'm sure. However, his usage of low-wage labor is still quite unnerving.

With Greek week gone, campus seems awfully quiet. There's not a lot going on right now, I see. I'm surprised to hear, though, there hasn't been a resource fair of sorts--or rather, a showcase of student organizations. It would make it so much easier to decide on a co-curricular in that case. I'll admit, I'm still struggling with something to do in my spare time other than checking this, e-mail, or reading ahead in homework. 

-->> eighteen.

The ball proved to be quite fun. Thank you, Lelouch, for being a wonderful date. I enjoyed the dance and the music was quite nice to listen to as well.

It's just so unfortunate that I've felt so lethargic lately. Hopefully I'll start to feel better soon--that would be nice. But until then, I suppose I'll stay in and finish any work possible for my classes. I'm sure midterms are coming soon and to be prepared for them is probably for the best.

Although, seeing the choice of Greeks today was very ... curious, to say the least.

-->> seventeen.

I suppose I was fortunate to have to avoid switching rooms. I still haven't met my new roommate, Noki, though. I have a gift for her, so perhaps we'll be able to meet soon.

With the network crashing, I had to re-work on all of my assignments. Fortunately, it didn't take too long.


-->> sixteen.

It's been so quiet lately on here. I guess with the increase in workload, I haven't had much time to provide anything worthwhile either.

I suppose there's not much going on lately either, but I hear there may be a ball for students? Or so I saw someone write on these journals. I think that could be lots of fun, though I'm not sure I would have the stamina to go to such an event, nor would I find a date probably. Oh well, if it does happen, I'm sure it would get everyone's spirits up again instead of focused on workload.

-->> fifteen.

I apologize for not updating this as frequently as I normally do.

I have no actual excuse, just that I've really had nothing to say.

Also, Euphie, I'm sorry for not getting back to you until now. If you would like, I'd be more than happy to go out with all of you another time. Just name the date and time and I'll do my best to be there.